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Tosazu jure / jelly dressing of sweetened soy sauce vinegar infused with bonito flakes

A jelly dressing for summer. A tiny amount of gelatin turns a common sunomono dressing into a shiny crystal coating that clings to the surface of ingredients.

Whole recipe:
61 calories; 2.8 g protein; 0.0 g fat; 9.1 g carbohydrate; 9.1 g net carbs; 545 mg sodium; 1 mg cholesterol; 0.0 g fiber

1/4 of recipe (for one small side dish serving):
15 calories; 0.7 g protein; 0.0 g fat; 2.3 g carbohydrate; 2.3 g net carbs; 141 mg sodium; 0 mg cholesterol; 0.0 g fiber


(Enough for 4+ servings)

Tosazu dressing
      4 tsp rice vinegar
      1 tbsp mirin
      1 regular soy sauce (50% reduced-sodium soy sauce)
      1 usukuchi soy sauce
      1 tbsp dashi
      2 tbsp katuobushi bonito flakes

1.6 g gelatin (see Notes)
2 tbsp dashi

Prepare tosazu as in kinshi uri no tosazu-ae.


Add gelatin in dashi, and mix well.

Let sit for several minutes.


Microwave tosazu and gelatin + dashi mixture.
Remove gelatin + dashi mixture when gelatin melts (after 10-15 seconds).
Remove tosazu when bubbling (after 20-25 seconds).


Pour gelatin + dashi mixture in tosazu, and mix well.

Chill in fridge until it solidifies (2-3 hours).

(3 hours later)


  • Aside from the cooling look and effect of jelly, the dressing keeps its relatively strong flavor when mixed with ingredients, instead of being diluted by moisture from salad ingredients. This makes it possible to use less in final dishes (for a lower-sodium meal) and still allow the relatively strong flavor to come through.
  • Make sure that salad ingredients are cold; otherwise the jelly dressing melts and loses these functions.
  • When using slightly less gelatin (1.4 g) for the above recipe, finished jelly becomes much looser, with the bottom part not totally solidified (photo at right).

Recipes with tosazu jure

  • Nasu to soramame, kani no tosazu jure ae / eggplant, fava beans and crab in tosazu jelly dressing

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