Rice Cracker Recipe かき餅

The Japanese New Year celebration was over a few months ago and if you still have leftover rice cakes in your pantry or freezer and you’re


5-Minute Cantonese Porridge (Congee)

Forget cooking Cantonese porridge the traditional way. That takes way too long. On the stove, simmering raw rice in lots of water or stock till


Spam Onigirazu スパムおにぎらず

If you love a popular Hawaiian favorite SPAM® Musubi, you will LOVE this SPAM® Onigirazu (スパムおにぎらず).  The ingredients are similar to classic musubi; all you


Bulgogi Onigirazu

If you are aware or have heard of Onigirazu (おにぎらず) – a type of Japanese rice ball, then you’re pretty current with the latest of Japanese food


Apple Sandwich Recipes

Apple Sandwich Recipes Skip to main content Ingredients The main ingredient : 2 pieces of poor apples, washed, cored, sliced ti 2 tbsp Butter 2


Dorayaki Double Chocolate

Dorayaki Double Chocolate Skip to main content Dorayaki Double Chocolate “Dorayaki Double Chocolate” Ingredients Material Leather : Eggs 2 eggs 100g granulated sugar Cake flour


New Year’s Day breakfast 2020

We started 2020 with a quiet New Year’s Day meal. As with other years, we had ozoni soup with rice cakes, kuromame black soybeans, datemaki

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