You’ve reached the homepage of a woman who worships at the church of the written word. Using this reverence for writing, I can create highly original and well-researched content for your blog or website. My writing is focused, passionate, easy to read, and fun to share. In regards to writing, I am open to just about any topic, but I specialize in short story fiction, feminist issues, and activism.

I am also looking to build my proofreading, editing, and review-writing skills. My fiction preferences tend toward mysteries, thrillers, and short stories, but I’ve dabbled in every genre of literature. I also enjoy reading non-fiction and performing fact-checking and research on behalf of other writers and academics. In addition to line-editing, I can help you build a diverse audience by content-editing with my social justice and intersectionality training to ensure that your work (or the work I would do for your platform) does not unintentionally reinforce stereotypes.

I am currently accepting writing, research, and editing assignments. Please contact me here.



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